There are now 8.5 in 10 people in New Zealand who have already completed the Census, and 1.5 in 10 people to still do so.

Stats NZ has announced that in most parts of the country, census collectors will be out until Wednesday 3 May to support people in their homes to complete the census.

In areas most affected by Cyclone Gabrielle (the Far North, and Te Tairāwhiti and Hawke’s Bay regions) census collectors will be out until Thursday 1 June.

If people want support in their home to complete the census, they can call the 0800 236 787 (0800 CENSUS) helpline or use NZ Relay Service and organise for a census collector to visit.

From 9 May, people who have not completed all their census forms will receive a Final Notice. This notice will explain that everyone who was in Aotearoa New Zealand overnight on 7 March 2023 is required to complete the census, and if they do not they risk being fined $2,000 under the Data and Statistics Act 2022.

To provide further support to people who receive a Final Notice, Stats NZ will continue to run census support events with face-to-face help to complete census forms through to 4 June.

Many of these events will be community facilitated, for groups and people needing extra support. There will also be some big events where people can just turn up.

The 0800 CENSUS helpline will continue to be open until June 2023 to order extra paper forms or ask questions about the census.

There is updated information about completing 2023 Census in alternate formats:

Find out more about completing the 2023 Census on the Census website.