Disability and mental health focussed public hearing in July

In July 2022 a public hearing about abuse in disability and psychiatric care settings will be held. Survivors will share their experiences in care which, alongside research and evidence from experts, will help inform our disability and mental health interim report due at the end of this year.

Community conversations 

From now until December a series of 90-minute online group “community conversations” for people with lived experiences of abuse in care, who are living with disabilities and/or mental health conditions.

Participants are not expected to share their own personal experiences. The conversations will focus on what the Commission has heard throughout the Abuse in Care investigation, what impacts the abuse and neglect has had on survivors and their whānau, iwi and hapū, and what needs to change for the future so that people can be safe in care.

Seeking survivor voices

Survivors of abuse in care, including people with physical disability, people who are under compulsory care, and people who continued to be institutionalised are encouraged to participate.

For more information on how to share your story you can visit the Abuse in Care website.