'Learn, Earn, Grow - Accessibility in the workplace' is a free two-hour event in Rolleston for employers.

When: 10am - 12.00pm, Wednesday 1 March
Where: Te Ara Atea, 56 Tennyson Street, Rolleston
RSVP: RSVP online for the Accessibility in the Workplace event

Gain knowledge, understanding and confidence around reasonable accommodations and best practice information of employing, managing and attracting disabled people to your workplace as an employee or customer.

Hear from experts in building a confident strategy, practical methods to attract and provide for accessibility as well as the latest support available, both technologically and fiscally.

Speakers include:

Angela Desmarais - DPA Research and Development Advisor for Employment.

Phil Turner - Chief Executive of the NZ Disability Employers’ Network.

Dr Chandra Harrison - Managing Director of Access Advisors.

Ashleigh Fechney - an employment law advocate.

For more information see: Learn, Earn, Grow - Accessibility in the workplace