Victoria University is running four informal sessions looking at the accessibility of public space in Wellington.

These will be run by interior architecture students at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University, with Dr Rosie Scott, who is an ally, parent, and teacher of the course.

The aim is to learn from the valuable lived experience and knowledge of disabled people and those with different access needs, to enable the development of design proposals that envision ways to make public spaces in Pōneke Wellington radically more accessible and enjoyable for all.

They will acknowledge your valuable contribution with a $100 supermarket voucher, and participants will be invited back to see how the student projects have developed thanks to their input.

The conversations will be 1 hours long with from 1 to 4 participants and there will be Rosie and a class of around 40 students that will be mostly connected from the classroom, so there will be only one Zoom window open for them.

Sessions times
There are four different session times, you only need to come to one.

Session 1: Thursday 14 September, 3.00pm
Session 2: Thursday 14 September, 5.30pm
Session 3: Monday 18 September, 3pm
Session 4: Monday 18 September, 5.30pm

If you would like to know more or register your interest by filling out the accessibility of Wellington City participant form or you can call or text Dr Rosie Scott on 029 0203 7768.