ADHD NZ has set up a new Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) to help them understand the constantly evolving challenges and opportunities for the ADHD community.

Through the panel, first-hand experiences of ADHD will help ADHD NZ:

  • shape advocacy around key issues
  • develop new services where there is a gap, or improve what they already offer, and
  • improve their information sharing and communications.

They are looking for six people with ADHD (or close whānau with ADHD) to join our panel and share their views with our two co-chairs, Brett Harrington and Tracey Rountree (their bios are below). Brett and Tracey will represent at panel at Board meetings.​

To ensure the panel represents the community, ADHD NZ are looking for a broad range of people, including parents, youth, adults, those diagnosed later in life, Māori, the Rainbow Community and other minority groups who can share their perspectives.

LEAP members will attend an online meeting and contribute an additional 2 to 4 hours each month.

Find out more including how to apply for the ADHD NZ Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP).