Free Fares NZ have put out a media release calling for Government to clarify fares for Total Mobility Card holders.

"Public transport and disability advocates are calling on the Government to clarify that half-price fares continue for Total Mobility Card holders on all forms of public transport. Many Total Mobility Card holders have experienced an increase in public transport fares since half price fares ended at the end of June, despite expecting continuation of the subsidy through the Community Connect scheme.

"Mikey Brenndorfer, a Total Mobility Card holder in Auckland, says 'I started hearing from disabled mates of mine that their fares had just doubled. I didn't believe it at first, but sure enough my fare prices had also just increased 100%! I was even more confused when I approached Auckland Transport about it and they said this discount for Total Mobility card holders now only applies to when we order taxis but not buses, trains, or ferries.'

"Joanne Dacombe, President of the Disabled Persons Assembly, says, 'DPA understood the Government’s recent announcements on Total Mobility to mean that half price public transport fares would continue for disabled people along with the 75% discount on taxis for Total Mobility card holders. We are still trying to confirm this. We fully support any measures that make it easier for disabled people to travel including discounted public transport fares."

Read the full media release from Free Fares NZ.