Michael Nolan, Business Manager at DPA

We'd like to introduce you to Michael Nolan who recently started with us as Business Manager. Welcome Michael, we're looking forward to working with you.

Michael is proud to support the disabled community through his lived experience of Becker Muscular Dystrophy, and ongoing advocacy for disability rights and accessibility.

Michael is passionate about encouraging others to live their lives to the full, to be confident in everything you do and being a role model for others by leading by example. With the right supports in place there is no limit to what you can achieve regardless of ability. Since advancing into a Powerchair, Michael says he has a new lease on life. It has taken him to a new level of independence and states moving into a Powerchair was the best decision he ever made.

Michael is passionate about travel, especially in finding out how other countries deal with accessibility and providing for the disabled community. His favourite destination is the Gold Coast! And on two separate occasions has experienced Singapore and Shanghai. Michael says β€œIt is very enlightening to visit other countries and see how they provide for the disabled through accessibility and accessible transport. There are still countries that are not dealing with accessibility in the way they should and that is concerning."

Michael also has governance experience with not-for-profit organisations, including current Chair role for the Te Whatu Ora West Coast Disability Steering Group. To support his role in DPA, Michael draws from his wealth of experience in Marketing, HR, Event Management from a previous General Manager role in tourism and previous business owner/operator experience.