Autism New Zealand have partnered with the NZ Police to provide a Neurodivergence Programme offering 3 fixed term positions with the Police for Autistic people.

The aim is to follow a recruitment process that plays to autistic strengths and reduce the barriers that prevent Autistic people from gaining employment despite their capabilities.

The successful candidates will be placed in a supportive team who are educated around neurodivergence in the workplace and how to best support neurodivergent people. There will be individualised in work support from Employment Consultants and Autistic Advisors to ensure that the people who are successful in gaining the roles will be well supported.

The recruitment process will differ as there won’t be any interviews for these roles.

Interviews are often challenging for Autistic people who find it easier to show what they can do rather than talk about it.

Candidates also don’t have to apply with a CV and cover letter unless they would like to. Instead, there is an online application form for them to fill out that will guide them through providing the information that we are wanting to know.

Those who submit their application successfully will be sent a link to register for a skills screening assessment to assess their skills, work motivation and learning style. This assessment has been developed by neurodivergent people and will be a series of puzzles and questions related to the person’s interests.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to a 2-day workshop at Police National Headquarters where they will demonstrate what they are capable of.

There are 3 roles available:

  • Research Analyst
  • 2 x Data Analyst

People do not have to have worked in a similar role before making application, although it is great if they have.  They will, however, need to have the ability to do the job.

On the job advert page, there are links to online tutorials for people to learn about the different products that will be used for these roles (if they do not already have experience with them). People do not have to do the tutorials but can if they would like to.

Applications are currently open for the roles.

For more information about the roles and how to apply, see the Police Employment Programme page on the Autism NZ website.