An invitation for people with mobility impairments to share their housing experiences:

Kia ora,

We are Maddison Moore and Caitlin Goodin, and we both study Civil Engineering at the University of Auckland.

We are conducting interviews as part of our Part IV Research Project that explores mobility-inclusive design considerations in medium-density housing in New Zealand.

Whilst medium-density housing (townhouses and apartments) provides diverse and modern living solutions to a range of demographics, there seems to be no focus on designing it with the mobility-impaired community in mind.

We are in the process of recruiting people with mobility impairments to gather their first-hand experience of current housing standards and typical practices related to mobility impairments in housing.

The interview takes around 20 - 40 minutes and is conversational in nature. We are simply trying to capture your thoughts and perspectives on the typical issues in relation to the design of medium-density housing for people with mobility impairments. The study has been designed to preserve confidentiality of all participants’ identities. Depending on your preference, the interviews can take place either in person or via teleconferencing software (i.e. Zoom or Skype).

You will be offered a $20 E-voucher for either Mitre-10 Mega or Farmers in acknowledgment for your time. The voucher will be emailed to you after the interview has taken place. This will be made available to you even if you chose to withdraw at any point during the interview session.

Your participation will be a valuable addition to our research, and findings could lead to a greater understanding of mobility-inclusive design in medium-density housing. Ultimately contributing to the future-proofing of New Zealand’s housing stock.

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If you would like to know more about participating in this research please contact us. Please also let us know if you have any questions.  

Caitlin Goodin, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
The University of Auckland,

Maddison Moore, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
The University of Auckland,