There is new information available in alternate formats:

Information about measles – Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand

Find out about the signs and symptoms of measles, how it spreads, how to protect yourself and what you need to do if you get the measles or have close contact with someone who does.

Information about the Māori Electoral Option – Electoral Commission

The Māori Electoral Option is a choice for Māori about which electoral roll they want to be on: the Māori roll or the general roll. Information is available about what this choice means for Māori and how to make the choice.

An insights report into the Wellbeing of Rangatahi Māori and other Young People in Aotearoa looks at four common themes of barriers to wellbeing identified by young people between 2018 and 2022 relating to uncertain futures, racism and discrimination, social media and online harms, and challenges to whānau wellbeing and intergenerational connections. The report also looks at ways of addressing these barriers to wellbeing.