In April 2023, the Government announced several measures aimed at providing greater transparency around lobbying at Parliament.

The Ministry of Justice is leading two of these measures by:

  • supporting “third-party” lobbyists (people who lobby on behalf of others) to come together to develop a voluntary code of conduct. The code will serve as a set of guidelines to improve transparency and accountability.
  • undertaking a review of the different policy options for regulating lobbying activities.

The aim is to strike the right balance between enabling legitimate advocacy that benefits society as a whole and protecting the public interest in having transparency around these activities.

The Ministry is currently assessing the scale of the project. This involves research, identifying the full range of interested parties, and planning presentations and any further forums to help identify the issues to be addressed.

If you are interested in receiving updates and being part of this work, you can find out more and register your interest at: Supporting transparency in political lobbying, Ministry of Justice.