Imagine Better and Disability Responsiveness New Zealand are working with the 3 District Health Boards of Wellington, Wairarapa and Hutt Valley (3DHB) to do a project that looks at disabled people’s experiences of accessing local healthcare services within the 3DHB region.

This is an opportunity to contribute towards improving the delivery of local healthcare services in Wellington, Wairarapa and the Hutt Valley.

They are looking for people who have physical, sensory, learning impairments and/or mental illness and who are happy to talk about healthcare received in three sites:

  1. Homes - how you experience healthcare that happens in your home, for example, using email/phone/video for appointments, finding out health information online, and having home visits by healthcare professionals.
  2. Communities - how you experience using healthcare in your community, for example, going to the GP, dentist, pharmacist, midwife, mental health services, sexual health clinics.
  3. Hospitals - how you experience using specialist care, for example, going to the hospital and seeing a doctor who is not your GP. We particularly are interested in hearing about people’s experiences of ophthalmology, respiratory services, and radiology

You can choose to talk about your experiences for as many or as few sites as you want.

There are two ways you can be involved. You can complete an survey or you can participate in an interview. You can also choose to do both if you want.

All information will be kept confidential. No information that could be used to identify people will be shared with the 3DHB.

Take part in the survey:

Pam MacNeill will be doing the interviews with disabled people. Pam is blind and has almost 30 years’ experience working in a range of roles in the disability sector, including doing research and training.

For more information about taking part in the interviews contact:

Pam MacNeill - email, phone 027 457 5461
Carey-Ann Morrison - email:, phone 027 541 3310

For more information read the 3DHB Localities Research Information sheet (Word Doc)