A review of the Total Mobility Scheme is being led by the Ministry of Transport, fulfilling its commitment under the all-of-government Disability Action Plan 2019–2023.

The Total Mobility scheme provides subsidised door-to-door transport services to eligible people with long-term impairments – enabling people to meet their daily needs and enhancing their community participation.

The Terms of Reference was developed in consultation with key Total Mobility stakeholders and has four key parts.

The purpose of Total Mobility
How the Total Mobility Scheme can be more accessible for disabled people
How aspects of the Total Mobility Scheme’s operations can be improved
Funding mechanisms for the Total Mobility Scheme

Consultants MRCagney will be undertaking parts two and three. MRCagney is expected to engage with stakeholders through discussion documents in early-mid 2024, which will contain phases one to three.

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