The Aviation Security Service (AvSec) is trialling the use of Passenger Support Officers (PSO) at airport security screening points at Christchurch Airport.

The role of the Passenger Support Officer is to assist anyone who requires any form of additional assistance when they process through its screening points.

Aviation Security Service recognise assistance is required by some people with a wide variety of different disabilities, medical conditions, ages, genders, cultures, languages, religious beliefs, etc and that some of the legislated processes are difficult for some to navigate.

The Passenger Support Officers have been selected from the regular staff base and have been given additional training to assist anyone who thinks they may need any help. There are signs at the screening points advising if anyone does require any form of additional assistance to ask any of the Team Leaders or officers if they think they may need help.

The Passenger Support Officers will also soon be more easily identifiable by a different lanyard and a ‘Passenger Support Officer’ badge.

If successful, Passenger Support Officers will be rolled out at the other airports.

If you have any questions, you can email