We're sharing this on behalf of Volition, who are looking to demonstrate interest in their app to funders:

"Volition is a social enterprise on a mission to empower everyone to be a decision maker in their own life. We champion and empower the right to supported decision making, and we have built an app to make it easier.

"The Volition app is a digital preference bank and a personal database in your pocket. It empowers disabled people to direct their own support, share their preferences, stop repeating themselves, and collaborate in decision making with their supporters with confidence. And the flipside is that through Volition, carers and providers get access to genuine client voice in real time to plan, deliver and evaluate their services. Everybody wins.

"We're running a campaign to get people to register their interest in Volition - there are no obligations associated with registering your interest. We're just trying to prove to funders that this is a tool that people are indeed interested in! We're trying to get 1000 Decision Makers, Supporters and Providers to register their interest within the month of June.

"Visit www.Volition.org.nz to register your interest today."