Access Matters have set up a quick submission form so that you can easily have your say on the 'Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill'.

Many disabled people don't believe this legislation will deliver real progress or improvements, because the Government Bill:

  • has no means of enforcement
  • only applies to central government, and is NOT applicable to the private sector
  • has no standard
  • has no regulator
  • has no dispute-resolution process
  • has no obligations or timeframe
  • only creates a new advisory committee which does not require an Act of Parliament and will only perpetuate the slow and fragmented system currently in place
  • relies on the values, priorities and decisions of future Ministers.

Quick submission form: You can let the Select Committee considering the bill know your thoughts by filling this quick Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill submission form.

Make a submission not using the form: You can also make a submission on the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill on the New Zealand Parliament website

There is a new Easy Read translation about the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill and how to have your say about the bill.

Submissions close Monday 7 November.