Extended to 15 December 2023.

The Engineering New Zealand Transportation Group is offering sponsorship of a disabled person to work at a transport organisation this Summer.

The Group is New Zealand’s professional body for transport engineers and planners. It has over 1,100 members working in public and private sector organisations around New Zealand.

The student must be studying a tertiary qualification relevant to transport, have an interest in a career in transport, and identify as a disabled person to be eligible for consideration. There is no age limit for the student. The student will be paid for a minimum of six weeks of full-time work at no less than the Living Wage rate of pay which is currently $26.00 per hour. 

The student will be employed for a minimum of six weeks between December 2023 and March 2024. The timing and length of the internship will be arranged between the host organisation and the student once the match is confirmed.

In addition to transportation work suited to the organisation and the intern, the student will be expected to spend between 60 and 120 hours of their paid internship time on a research project of mutual interest to them, their employer, and to the Transportation Group.

The student will be required to report on their research project at a local branch event and with a written report for the Transportation Group’s newsletter, ‘Roundabout’. 

Applications are invited from any disabled person who is a student with an interest in transport. Please email Transportation Group internship coordinator, bdoran@mrcagney.com with the following information:

  1. Your name and preferred location for the internship (which town or city you would be available to be based in)
  2. The qualification you are studying, how far through the qualification you are, and its relevance for transportation
  3. The reason you are interested in an internship in transportation
  4. Ideas for a transportation-related research project you may be interested in completing (to be confirmed with the host organisation)
  5. Any questions you have about the internship

Applications close on Friday 1st December 2023. The internship relies on a suitable organisation and disabled student registering interest in the same town or city. The Group will work with potential host organisations and students in November and early December to find a match and will confirm the internship as soon as possible after 1 December.

If you are or know of a disabled student who is interested in finding out more, please also contact Bridget Doran, bdoran@mrcagney.com

This initiative is supported by the National Committee of the Transportation Group as part of their efforts to improve diversity within the profession, and inclusion in the societies we have a part in creating.

Read more about the Transportation Group. Membership is free for students.

Read about a previous internship on pages 6 and 7 of the June 2022 issue of the Transportation Group’s magazine Roundabout.