DPA has submitted feedback on the Disability Survey.

The recent announcement by government that there is to be a Ministry for Disabled People set up over the next year makes the importance of the Disability Survey asking the right questions and getting the relevant data more critical than ever.

For these reasons it is essential that among other things, the Disability Survey is properly resourced and the sample size large enough to have confidence in the findings.  

DPA comments / recommendations include:

  • that no groups of disabled people should be excluded from any part of the Disability Survey due to their living arrangements
  • the importance of providing an accessible and flexible approach from the start to ensure that disabled people are interviewed in a way that best works for them
  • the inclusion of the same disability identity question proposed for the Census to be used as part of the screening for the Disability Survey
  • that the age bracket 15-44 years is much too broad as it covers people in potentially very different stages of life; and that young people aged 15 to 17 years should be considered as children and not as adults
  • that it is essential to identify disabled people who identify as Pasifika, those who have refugee status and other ethnicities
  • an additional priority area is added looking at digital access for disabled people

DPA also provided comments / recommendations on each of the proposed modules for the survey, including:

  • that specific questions about assistive equipment, including assistive communication devices is included; and consideration given to adding questions around if someone has a disability assist dog to assist them with their daily life
  • support for People First's submission that there should be a question about support with healthcare
  • that there are questions around access to transport to health services, affordability of health services and digital access to health services (telehealth) and whether people understand the health information they are given by health services
  • that all disabled people, including those in residential services are asked the questions about access to health services
  • that employment questions should include questions around the type or nature of employment; including if they are in permanent, contract, relieving jobs or are self-employed, and how long they have been in their current job or position; questions should also be designed to identify barriers to employment

Read DPA's feedback on the Disability Survey (Word Doc)