DPA made a submission on the Environment Committee’s Consultation on the Emissions Budgets published in 2022 and the first Emissions Reduction Plan.

Disabled people are amongst the most adversely affected groups in relation to climate change and the group that faces the largest barriers in responding to the effects of climate change.

Every aspect of climate change affects disabled people, however we have focused our feedback and recommendations on the areas of most concern.

DPA recommends that Government:

  1. Acknowledges the importance of ongoing engagement with disabled people and our organisations.
  2. Engages disabled people and organisations throughout the implementation of climate change policy, recognising disabled people’s expertise and leadership in developing solutions to navigating an inaccessible world.
  3. In consultation with disabled people, implement standards on both the minimum noise level and the type of noise to be emitted by electric vehicles.
  4. Create a grant or subsidy to support disabled people to purchase suitable electric vehicles.
  5. Regulate to require that footpaths be well maintained, and that bikes, scooters and other micro-mobility devices should not generally be allowed on footpaths.
  6. Require all public transport to be accessible and that targeted fare subsidies be continued for disabled people.
  7. Require all new houses meet universal design standards so that they can easily be made accessible.
  8. Set up and fund programmes that support disabled people to manage their household waste more sustainably.
  9. Review products supplied to disabled people through government supported schemes (DHB’s, Disability Support Services etc.) to ascertain if more environmentally-friendly products are available, and supply them where appropriate.
  10. Provide of support, advice and education for both employers and disabled workers and jobseekers in the transition to an environmentally friendly economy.

Read DPA's full submission to the Emissions Budgets published in 2022 and the first Emissions Reduction Plan.