The Disabled Persons Assembly NZ (DPA) has a long-standing newsletter, the Information Exchange, that is sent out weekly to DPA members and the wider community. includes all the information we share in our newsletter arranged into topic sections and has a search function so you can look for things we shared some time ago.

This website provides a temporary platform for DPA while we work on an improved and more accessible website.

In order to make that website better for everyone, we are seeking feedback from the community.

  • Do you think there is useful information on this site?
  • Did you encounter any accessibility problems?

We have a vision of a truly accessible website that pools together disability-related information from around the country, across the sector, and includes the community. We have ideas of what that should look like, but we’d like to know if we are on the right track, and we’re sure there will be things we haven’t thought of.

  • What would be most useful for you from a disability information website?
  • Is there anything disability-related that you would like to see on a website like this?
  • What accessibility features would you like to see?

Please let us know your thoughts – this could be a couple of sentences, an essay, or an NZSL video!


Phone: 04 801 9100