Our survey on the sudden disability funding changes gained 180 responses in just a few days. We would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey, it is greatly appreciated.

Many of you have shared stories that are deeply personal, highlighting how these changes will affect disabled people’s wellbeing and reduce choice and control in their lives. 

While we have not completed our analysis, below are some of the broad themes that are coming through for how your daily lives will be impacted. 

Respondents told us that the funding changes will result in:

  • Reduced social wellbeing for disabled people. With limited travel with a support person, many said that their ability to visit family, friends, and be out and about in their community will be reduced. 
  • Loss of independence. Many said that not only will they be confined to their home, they will also lose their ability to move around within their home and look after their own personal needs. 
  • Loss of jobs and education opportunities. 
  • Loss of options for carer support and respite care: including for disabled parents caring for disabled children, some of whom have support workers so they can care for their own baby.
  • Poorer health and safety outcomes. For many, access to occupational therapy, physiotherapy and massage therapy are all needed to maintain a standard of physical wellbeing that cannot be obtained in other ways. 
  • Loss of ability to purchase needed equipment. Including aids in sensory requirements, including clothing and other day-to-day items.

These funding changes and the way they were announced have clearly caused very tangible distress and anxiety for many disabled people and their families and carers.  

DPA is working with a wide range of other organisations to campaign for these changes to be fully reversed. We have also received suggestions from members for actions and next steps and we are keen to implement those that are within our capacity to do. Please watch this space. 

If you have anything you would like to share, please email us at: info@dpa.org.nz