The Ministry of Health Disability Directorate have sent out updated information on support services operating at Alert Level 4:

  • If services can be provided (including digitally) within alert level restrictions, they are contractually required to do so.
  • Aged residential care and disability residential care are essential services and must continue to be available.
  • Essential personal care services, such as toileting, washing and feeding, should be provided as usual.
  • Essential home help, such as house cleaning, may be available where appropriate PPE is used.
  • Planned respite services will be suspended, but urgent respite care may be provided. There can be some flexibility for paying secondary carers for respite.
  • Essential supported living services can continue.
  • Support persons are permitted under right 8 of the Health and Disability Code.
  • For aged residential care, hospices and disability residential care, family visits are not permitted except on a very few compassionate grounds subject to public health direction and provider assessment on a case-by-case basis.
  • There will be more messaging to come.