Free rapid antigen tests (RATs) are available if you develop COVID-19 symptoms or become a household contact of a case.

If you have mobility or other accessibility challenges and are unable to leave your home to get to a RAT collection site, you can arrange to have RATs delivered to you.

For disabled and immunocompromised people to arrange RAT delivery -  phone 0800 222 478 and select option 3.

A local provider will work with you make sure you have access to RATs.

Please note the home delivery service is only available to disabled people or those who are immunocompromised.

Targeted Rural Service

Almost 95 percent of households live within a 20-minute drive from a published RATs collection site. There are also other unadvertised RATs access points that exist locally to meet the needs of various populations.

An additional service has been set up to further support the remaining five percent of households that are outside a 20-minute drive from a RATs collection site.

These largely rural households can contact 0800 222 478 to confirm their eligibility.

If eligible, a local provider will work with the household to supply RATs from the public health response through systems established by DHBs and community providers, or via local rural delivery networks.

For more information about RATs, visit: Rapid antigen testing (RAT) | Ministry of Health NZ