An online portal where you can view your Covid-19 records is being developed . This is called 'My COVID Record', and will include your test results and digital vaccination certificates.

The website will launch next week, and from the end of November, you will be able to download digital vaccination and Covid-19 test certificates for use in New Zealand and overseas.

  • You'll be able to either print or save the QR codes on your smartphone in your Apple or Google Wallet.
  • There will be separate codes for domestic and international verification of vaccination records and COVID-19 test results.
  • Until the end of November, if you need official proof of vaccination, you’ll need to request your vaccination records from the Ministry of Health and use the test results you receive directly from the DHB.
  • The Ministry of Health are currently working with the events and hospitality industry to determine when proof of vaccinations might be required for entry to events and venues, and to ensure the technology is fit for purpose.

What are the options for people who can’t be vaccinated due to medical reasons?

The Ministry of Health are looking at options for how they can record this in the Covid Immunisation Record (CIR) and how this would work in practice.

How do people access My COVID Record if they don’t have a smartphone or access to a computer?

Many local libraries have facilities where people can access the internet and printing. If you have family or friends who might not have access, see if you can help them access printing. The Ministry or Health are also investigating how they make this available via a phone call.

Will it cost me any money to use the app?

The app will be free.

Who can access the app? Will it be restricted access?

The app will be accessible by anyone with a smartphone with access to the Apple or Google Play stores.

How do we know the certificates will be accepted overseas?

The international certificates are separate to the domestic certificates. These will meet EU standards for proof of vaccination to enable international travel. The government is currently talking with EU officials to make sure it is accepted there and officials have begun the same conversation with other international jurisdictions.

At this point, it is the closest thing that exists to a universal way to prove your vaccination status for international travel.